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When I started my family in 2002 , the legacy of baking for my family continued. Over the years, like anything you do with practice makes it perfect.

Baking is not just something that I have found I am good at. It brings back that little girl who, like my grandmother,  has the passion to please people with baked goods. Being able to combine my love for baking and my enthusiasm for being a crafty mom, keeps a million dollar smile on my face.

Baking from the heart

 Baking has always been  apart of who I am. I remember sitting at the kitchen table eagerly waiting, while my grandmother fried the most amazing apple turnovers. Her baking brought my parents, my brother, my sister and I together at the dinner table.  As a child I followed her around all day. Some of my favorite times were in the kitchen watching her bring delicious pies out of the oven. The aroma of no matter what she baked always filled the air. Smiles, laughter and story telling followed as we filled our bellies with the love of her baked goods.